Matt Baker, LMT, Co-Owner Anchor Wellness in Corrie Fee, Scotland, UK

Matt Baker, LMT, Co-Owner Anchor Wellness in Corrie Fee, Scotland, UK

Matthew J Baker, LMT
Offering Massage, Prenatal Massage, Couples Massage, Hot Towel Massage & Reflexology

Matthew has been in practice as a massage therapist since 2007 after graduating from Colorado School of Healing Arts in Lakewood Colorado.  He was drawn to massage at an early age living in the Boston suburbs giving massages and head/foot rubs to friends and family. The first time Matthew considered becoming a bodyworker was when his sister-in-law, a nurse, pointed out his gift as a teenager and recommended he pursue a career in massage.  Many years later Matthew moved out west from Boston with the hopes of reinventing himself and work toward a profession that was heart centered.  An opportunity to nurture that long planted seed arose when Matthew found his school just outside the beautiful rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  For the first time in his life he excelled in school and upon graduation hit the ground running working in wellness centers in the front range of Colorado until the rocky North Atlantic coast called him back home.  He has lived in Maine since 2009.

Matthew believes that bodywork is a very powerful, empowering tool that helps connect us back to the present moment where we find our true nature.  He is a very skilled, intuitive bodyworker with an amazing ability tolisten to what your body needs with the power and technique to deliver just the right pressure so your muscles release.  He sees the body as a community in of itself: the organs, the blood vessels, the nervous and muscular systems all working in communicating together to create a balanced system. He views massage as a means of getting the different parts of your body talking to each other and coming back into balance.  He has a particular knack for foot work and reflexology and has been known to be called "The Foot Whisperer" in jest by some of his clients.

Matthew is also a gifted mandolin player, guitar player, cartoonist, and pun manufacturer. To find more about what he's doing with his art visit

Joey Govan, LMT, RYT
Offering Massage, Prenatal Massage, Couples Massage, Hot Towel Massage, Reflexology & Yoga Nidra

Joey is a licensed massage therapist, certified Polarity practitioner and a registered yoga teacher. She is also trained in Reiki and Thai Yoga Bodywork. 

Originally from Scotland, Joey has always had a love of the outdoors, whether by the ocean or in the tranquil Scottish Glens she has felt the meditative and healing effects of nature. Following a brief career in law and a transatlantic move, Joey found herself needing to make some lifestyle changes.  She was searching for ways to incorporate that feeling of peace into her everyday life and to be able to share it with as many people as she could.

She studied therapeutic massage therapy and Polarity therapy at Spa Tech Institute in 2010 and has since trained in Reiki, Thai Yoga Bodywork and has her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training from Shiva Shakti School of Yoga in Camden, ME.

Joey believes that a balance of physical, mental and spiritual well-being is the key to health and vibrancy in life. She has seen this first hand through her 15 plus years practicing yoga. She brings a dynamic and integrative approach to bodywork, incorporating all of her skills to build a wholesome and deeply balancing treatment for each client. She believes that her place is to provide space to guide individuals through their own individual healing experience.